First post with Jekyll

First post with jekyll: This is my first post with the jekyll engine. While I have yet to understand all the wonders of it, I find it most awesome. You can find more information about the jekyll engine on Github here. I am also using this short overview to learn the markdown syntax used by Github to render the pages on github pages.

I have been following Zach Holmans blog for some time now and I eagerly been reading about his work at Github and what he feels is a hot topic on a given blog-post date. I came to admire him: Writing exciting stuff, working at github and having friendly and funny discussion on Twitter and at Hacker News.

I then did what others do when they strive to achieve: I imitated the person having what I wanted to have. I have borrowed the idea of using Jekyll on Github and the design of the blog from Zach - with permission of course. I have it a bit, though - my name instead of his name, some small details as sizes in the style and then my girlfriend made some new icons for my menu since the ones Zach had weren't free.

My idea is to change the look and feel of the site gradually over time since design isn't really my strong suit and right now I'm quite content with the look. But I can imagine that eventually I want a site which I have made mostly entirely myself instead of a site where only 10% of the design is my own.

So what do I want to do with this site? I want to showcase my current projects, write about solutions to problems I encounter at school or at work, tell people about my interest and what I think could be a hot topic. I am recent convert to vim and I have also recently begun playing a great deal of chess, so I could imagine I am going to write some posts about that since I would both like to share my thoughts on those topic and get some input on my thoughts.

Discussion, links, and tweets

I'm a developer and CS graduate. Follow me on Twitter; you'll enjoy my tweets.

I also keep an "ask me anything" type of project in a repository on GitHub (naturally!). Feel free to ask me a question.